Sunday 12 March 2006

Dealing with Japanese imports

A number of my friends have recently purchased Japanese cars. One of the minor issues that is often overlooked is the lack of ability to tune into any FM radio stations above 90MHz. Since I was working on one of these said cars this afternoon I thought it would be a good time to mention this problem. Among other things, be prepared to replace the stereo if you import!

Even into taking these things into consideration, Japanese imports are still great value! You get way more car for your dollar.


  1. Replacing European headunits also has some issues. Like... those blasted Connectors for the antennas. They have different plugs! Luckily I had a spare one from god-knows-where handy when I replaced the Blaupunkt headunit in the Astra.


  2. you can get fm expanders from various places - allows you to use jap stereo's here in aussieland.

    or you could do what i did, and buy one with a aftermarket head unit...