Wednesday 17 February 2016

Aldi 3D printer

I picked up an Aldi "Cocoon Create" 3D printer this morning and spent a bit of time trying it out. It appears to be a rebranded Wanhao I3:

The unit was packed really well and included a few goodies including a really comprehensive printed manual:

Putting the unit together was really simple, here's the unit after following the quick start guide:

It's using Jinsanshi Motor stepper motors, they seem to be fairly quiet:

The earth pin is connected:

Here's a photo I took during bed levelling:

This cord was pinching a bit, so I pulled it upward to resolve the issue:

First print:

All done:

Improving the machine already:

I'm really quite impressed with this machine especially given the price point. I was up and away printing a job within 15 minutes of opening the box.

The only thing I can whine about is the power supply fan which is unnecessarily loud. You certainly wouldn't want to have the thing running all day in the same room in an office environment.